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Cruises From the Port of Newcastle

Port Location: The port of Newcastle, also known as the Port of Tyne, is the only cruise port on the eastern side of the UK and is situated between Harwich and Leih on the River Tyne. The port area is in North Shields.

Transport: Newcastle International Airport is about 9.7 kilometres from the Port of Newcastle. The city's Metro runs from the airport to many parts of the city. Taxis and bus routes can get you anywhere you want to go in Newcastle, including the port. Large parts of the city of Newcastle are generally free of a lot of traffic, making it easy to explore on foot.

Description: The Port of Newcastle is considered to be the gateway to Northumbria. This is England's most northern region and is know for the dramatic coastline and its many castles. Cruises from Newcastle are a great way to experience some the most beautiful views in England and appreciate the history of Northern England.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Before and after cruises from Newcastle you can find plenty to do to keep you busy. Probably one of the most popular areas in Newcastle is the renewed downtown Quayside area. Set right along the banks of the River Tyne, this area is full of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The beautiful backdrop of Quayside is made up of seven picturesque bridges that date from 1849. Probably the one that stands out the most is the Tyne Bridge.

In the North Shields area of the port is the Tynemouth Priory. This was at one time one of the biggest fortifications in the United Kingdom with battlements extending over the beaches to the North Sea.

There are excursions that offer tours to places like historic Durham. This tour includes a visit to a Norman castle and cathedral in ancient Durham. Another excursion is perfect for lovers of art. It goes to the Bowes Museum that has one of the most expansive collections of fine art found anywhere.

Beaches: If you want to experience the beaches here before departing on cruises from Newcastle, a short Metro ride or drive can get you from the Port of Newcastle to Whitley Bay, an old-fashioned English seaside resort. Only 20 minutes from the city you can find Tynemouth Long Sands, a golden beach with the cliffs as a backdrop. This beach is famous for surfing.

Shopping: There are plenty of large shopping centres in Newcastle. One of the biggest in the UK is the Eldon Square Shopping Centre. Besides the mall, there is more eclectic shopping opportunist down the many side streets in the area. The busiest street for shopping is Northumberland Street. The Newcastle side of Quayside also includes an array of interesting shops.
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Getting to the Port of Liverpool

Port Location: The Port of Liverpool is located on the River Mersey three kilometres inland from the Irish Sea. It is in Lanchashire County on the western coast of England and is the embarkation point for Liverpool cruises. The Port is a short distance from John Lennon Airport in Liverpool.

Transport: Liverpool has two bus operators for sightseeing called City Sightseeing and City Explore Bus Tour. They both have stops at Pier Head Landing making it easy for cruise passengers to take in the sights before and after their cruises. The local trains to liverpool(Merseyrail) has a stop two blocks inland behind the Port of Liverpool Building.

Description: The Port of Liverpool is turning into one of the more popular starting points for a number of cruise lines. Not only does the city of Liverpool itself have a strong cultural heritage, but the Port of Liverpool is also home to national museum collections so large that they are second only to London.

The cruise ships moor in the area of the Port at the Pier Head Landing Stage, which is only a 10-minute walk from the Albert Dock. The Albert Dock has the largest group of listed buildings in the UK. Here, some of the oldest warehouses in the Port of Liverpool have been converted to a number of facilities including museums like the Tate Liverpool, the Maritime Museum, and The Beatles Story.

Sightseeing and Excursions: There are a number of excursions to take and sights to see to occupy your time before and after a cruise that sails from the Port of Liverpool. For Beatles fans there is The Beatles Story located in the Albert Dock area. An audio tour guides you through the lives of the Beatles from childhood to stardom. Also located on the Albert Docks is the Tate Liverpool where you can soak up world famous artworks.

Before or after Liverpool cruises, take in the Mersyside Maritime Museum, which is full of exhibits depicting the history of Liverpool's shipping history. The displays include models of passenger liners and exhibits of maritime disasters like the Lusitania and the Titanic. Enjoy one of the tours on the Mersey Ferry. You can choose between a cruise on the Mersey River or of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Beaches: There are many beaches near the Port of Liverpool. Some of the closest include Fort Rock Beach and Crosby Beach, which are 2 miles away. Mockbeggar and Hightown beaches are within 4 miles.

Shopping: The Albert Dock warehouses are known for the shopping opportunities that can be taken advantage of before setting out on Liverpool cruises.
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Visit Zante to Find Out Unseen Treasures of Island

If you're considering of booking holidays in a beautiful scenic place wherever there is lots to discover, you cannot go wrong if you head to Zante. The isle is the most southerly of the Ionian archipelago and has been identified for centuries as the flower of the east for its stunning natural beauty.

Zakynthos, as it can also be called, is residence to a wealth of hidden treasures, as well as idyllic beaches, so why not visit and explore for yourself on Zante holidays?

Among one of the most well known stretches of sand to be found the following include Laganas, Kalamaki and Tsilivi - the latter of that may be almost certainly to be one of the most tranquil spot as it could be the quietest in the three. There are many attractions to enjoy here, too, for example a host of traditional quaint towns and villages and the primary capital in the island, in which you'll find bustling squares lined with restaurants and cafes.

In the capital you might like to visit the ruins of Kastro - a Venetian fort that overlooks the town. Alternatively, call in at St Mark's Square and soak up the Greek atmosphere before visiting a few of the landmarks like the Solomos Museum and the church of Agios Marcos. To experience a few of the island's hidden gems why not take a tour? Your support is going to be in a position to thing out a few of the lesser-known sights over a isle in addition to give you an insight into Zante's history.

Among the attractions you might come across is the 14th century monastery of Anafonitria, which was inhabited by St Dionysios - the island's patron saint - for the last years of his life. An additional must-see is the church of Agia Mavra at Maherado, exactly where you possibly can eat the sight in the Virgin Mary opulently adorned with necklaces and pendants at this web site of pilgrimage.

Head to Shipwreck Bay and the beach of Navagio next and allow your help explain that the bay got its name - a boat was shipwrecked here during the 1980s and you may even now be in a position to see traces in case you appear carefully at the mound of sand. During your stay, be certain to take a boat trip out to sea where you may call in at the cove or visit the famous Blue Caves. The latter is often a series of arches protruding during the sea with deep blue waters beneath. There are many more secrets to become exposed in Zante. Get a flight to Zante and discover them for yourself.

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Grand Beauty of Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is a beautiful port town on the Aegean cost of Turkey. The town has a wonderful harbour, which most inhabitants made their living from, by boat building, fishing and agriculture. Over the past few years however, more and more tourists are targeting Bodrum as their holiday resort, which is understandable as this town has everything a holidaymaker could want.

The harbour is where the town comes to life. The narrow streets that surround the harbour are full of bars and restaurants and quaint little shops, and are only for pedestrians, which will make you feel safer. The streets are filled with skilled artisans who can make you a pair of unique leather sandals to your acquired taste. There is also a fabulous range of onyx, copper and brass that act as a great souvenir of your time in Bodrum. At night, the town comes alive. Enjoy the laser shows that light up the sky with neon lights, with dance music to get that emphatic effect. Enjoy dining and drinking in the town's cosmopolitan variety of restaurants and bars.

The surrounding area of Bodrum is equally as beautiful and fascinating. Close to Bodrum is Icmeler, the location of Europe's largest wooden boat-building yard. Boats have been built here for famous rulers since 300BC, so it is worth visiting this site to absorb some of the culture and history that Turkey has to offer. There are also many beautiful towns and villages surrounding Bodrum, all with amazing features and characteristics.

Knights Hospitaller built The Bodrum Castle in 1402. As you visit this castle you will notice how impressive it is. This castle is easily recognized as a major landmark in the city of Bodrum. Today you will be able to visit this castle turned museum where you will be able to see many historic artifacts, which have been recovered, from under the ocean. This museum that you can visit in Bodrum is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

While the artifacts found in the museum are impressive the castle itself if one of the best preserved monuments in the world which dates back to the medieval times. The views that you will get from this castle are quite spectacular as well. From the castle of Bodrum you may wish to see about visiting the Windmills of Bodrum. These windmills are considered to be one of the many fabulous places to visit while you are in the city. The windmills, which are made from stone, have been lined with planks.

For the interested visitor to the city of Bodrum you will find there are numerous places of interest for you to visit. The next time you are planning on coming to Turkey make sure that you list the city of Bodrum as a must come destination and see for yourself the many exciting places of attraction that you can find here.

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Axe London train ticket offices to save £1bn

The Transport Salaried Staffs Association uncovered a scheme which could affect 265 stations in London and the south east, it said.

Ticket offices on the hit list are all located at stations which serve fewer than 250,000 passengers each year.

That has been blasted by the TSSA, which claims the move would make stations more dangerous for passengers and also ram up the cost of tickets.

Gerry Doherty, who is chief of the Union, said: “This is a double whammy for millions of passengers. Last month they were told that fares will rise by 25% over the next three years, and they are now set to lose one in four ticket offices.

“Philip Hammond (Transport Secretary) should come to the Dispatch Box in the next few days and give a clear undertaking that he is going to ditch these draconian cuts in services to passengers.

A government spokesman declined to go into detail about the list in the McNulty report, which runs to hundreds of pages on how to cut railways spending by £1 billion a year.1

“We are currently considering the findings of Sir Roy McNulty’s independent report and any of his proposed changes to rail fares or ticketing will be examined as part of a Government review,” he told

Ticket offices across the UK are on the list – a total of 675.

More than 1,000 jobs would go under the plan, claimed the TSSA.

Savings are needed, an Association of Training operating companies’ spokesman said.

“The industry needs to cut costs as a way of limiting future fare rises and providing better value for money for the taxpayer,” he said.

“Recent years have seen a fundamental shift in the way that people buy train tickets. There have been big increases in the use of ticket machines, rail websites and smartcards, meaning that around one in three tickets is now bought from station ticket offices.”
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Get the Best Eurostar Deals to Save Travel Budget

In case you are planning to visit Europe then this article is often a need to read for you. This article will give you a brief about some greatest Eurostar deals that will not just help you to plan your Europe visit well, but also will make you save a good quantity of money. Eurostar deals present vale for money. Airfare is likely 1 on the major causes why targeted traffic tends to stay away from Europe. Nonetheless when you have Eurostar deals, you need not worry, as you'll get one of the most airfare deals.

Eurostar is the United Kingdom's most established and comfortable train service and it provides the travelers with some valuable and affordable travel packages, including holiday getaways, discount packages etc. Eurostar deals also offer you various accommodation plans, which are far better than those offered by other service providers.

When you are in the Europe, you have got to resolve the staying issues. You cannot rely on what other say or just on the search engines. To decrease your tour budget, you should look for value for money Eurostar deals. The regular valuable deals like Eurostar plus, Eurostar plus Culture etc. will surely diminish your travelling expenses and boost the experience. Thus, irrespective of whatever part of Europe you intend to go, you must look for an excess of Eurostar deals and discounts before you go on for your vacations. You can save up to 70-80% on online booking of Eurostar.

These deals provide many benefits including discounted prices, expediency and various promotional vouchers. With Eurostar, you’ll be assured of your seats and accommodation reserved for you. A lot of people travel to Europe every year, some for vocational purposes, some for business purposes or some to meet their relatives, whatever the reason maybe you must avail these deals.

Eurostar is a perfect substitute to various cheap ferry companies and low budgeted flights. To increase the customer base, the company regularly comes out with new deals and packages. Thus, you should keep yourself updated about the same. The deals, which the company is offering to the customers, are seasonable in nature, that is, they are only valid for a particular period. After that it is replaced by a new deal. You must check the Eurostar's website for regular updates on these deals. If you opt for advance booking for Eurostar deals, it will help you to fetch a good discount on the total amount.

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A Few About The London Docklands

London is full of many historic momentous. The whole imperial city is overflowing with history and culture. Docklands is a place that attracts tourists. It is in the eastern part of the city and previously known as the Port of London. This area, along with obtaining some enviable views of the waterfront, is the living evidence of the unique mix of industrialization and modern day development.

The port itself goes back to Roman and medieval times as soon as ships would dock in these areas, back then referred to as the Pool of London. The early version from the Surrey Commercial Docks business was formed to prevent problems of robberies and allocation of space for the numerous ships. This entity provided a sheltered anchorage space for 120 vessels. Its innovative port system allowed for much of the British expansion of the Georgian and Victorian periods. In another historical development, the Docklands were bombed in World War II and were hit by more than 2,500 bombs. The rest of the 20th century saw both widespread prosperity in the Docklands with the rebuilding of Britain after the war and widespread poverty when, in the 1960s and 70s, the city suddenly switched to using a deep-water cargo shipping system. The shallower dock areas were suddenly ghost towns. In the 80s, a landmark government intervention was launched to try to redevelop the area. This massive effort by the London Docklands Development Organization was 1 with the first of its kind in London and remains a controversial symbol of Margaret Thatcher's administration and policies. The area was designated a small business zone, essentially translating to extra incentives for businesses to invest there.

For those unfamiliar with dock jargon, there were three kinds of docks: wet docks, dry docks and dockyards. Wet docks are the space where ships were anchored and unloaded or loaded with goods. Smaller dry docks hold ships one by one for repairs. Dockyards are where the ships themselves were built. Many of the docks are currently functioning as marinas and are home to water sports crafts. Workers in and around the docks and dockyards are where some of London's most tight-knit, specialized cultures were created. These cultures have been reinvigorated and revived since the development projects and the area now publishes its own free newspaper, The Docklands, and has its own symphony orchestra called the Docklands Sinfonia. Tourists in London looking to stray off the beaten path can check out Canary Wharf, the new marinas, and the Museum of London Docklands. The Museum has free admission and includes a collection of artifacts and models as well as a lecture theater and classroom spaces. Canary Wharf is a single of England's biggest financial centers. It boasts the tallest completed building inside the U.K., 1 Canada Square. Most in the Docklands hotels are in this flashy area speckled with high rises. Quite a few in the 2012 London Olympic Games events will probably be held around this area, one more incentive to spend.

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London to Brighton A Day Trip

Have a Question that what to see in Brighton?
Brighton is a really well liked seaside resort for folks in London and is sometimes named London-by-the-Sea. The most significant landmark during the town would be the Royal Pavilion.

The Prince Regent George Frederick, who later became King George IV, commissioned the Pavilion. The interior with the building also has a distinctive kind that shows elements of Chinese, Indian, Mughal and Islamic inspiration. During WWI it was applied being a hospital and there's now a memorial on the web site for individuals who died in service.

As a seaside destination the next most significant attraction is Brighton Beach itself. If you might be visiting during the summer then this blue-flag beach will likely be jam packed with tourists and indeed several locals who appreciate soaking up the sun that the south coast enjoys. It's a pebble beach, but in case you visit during low tide you possibly can appreciate the sandy seabed that is certainly just a smaller further out.

Also located on the beach is Brighton Pier, aka Palace Pier, which has an arcade with the customary attractions for example shops, restaurants and some funfair rides. Located close to Brighton Pier stands out as the Sea Life Centre that is certainly the world's oldest operating aquarium and is a testament of Victorian grandeur. There's also a walkthrough underwater tunnel that is certainly usually well liked with visitors. Another "worlds oldest operating" stands out as the Volks Electric Railway, which runs during the Aquarium all the way to Black Rock that is certainly located close to Brighton Marina. It was built in 1883 and operates during the summer months.

For a taste of culture you will find numerous theatres found within close proximity of each other, bound by the New Road, Jubilee Street and parts of North Laine. These theatres include the Theatre Royal, Pavilion Theatre, Corn Exchange Theatre, Dome Concert Hall Theatre and also a few others.

For galleries, Brighton just isn't found wanting. For some modern art you possibly can visit Fabrica. This gallery is housed inside a renovated church and shows new works by international artists. Other modern art galleries include Ink D, Phoenix and Lighthouse. One more far more conventional gallery stands out as the Grand Parade located in Brighton's central university campus and consists with the works with the students and some international artists. For museums there's the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, which covers the culture and art of Brighton’s itself. There's also a Toy and Model Museum during the town that is certainly a true hidden gem in case you have the time.

How to get to Brighton?
Brighton is located directly south of London, in Sussex, about 90 kilometers away by road. You can read there via train and air or can enjoy trip with car drive.

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Why Train Travel in Best

Should you are trying to find interesting ideas to your following vacation, how about considering a trip that involves luxury train travel. This is a choice that is certainly now getting taken up by additional individuals on an annual basis. Traveling a lengthy distance by train is a workout that would not be effortlessly forgotten.

Train travel is an ideal method of transport in the UK and also the sleep of Europe. Rail travel is fast, practical and convenient in each urban and additional rural areas. Railway stations always enable for car hire services should you require entry to a car or maybe need to venture to an area not accessible by train. Train travel is an ideal choice for corporate hospitality, allowing your clientele to use their travel time for company requirements or work.

Many on the net trip organizers even allow you to book airline tickets, car hires, rail travel and accommodations in 1 step. A well-planned trip can be especially important for group travel, or for corporate travel arrangements. Discount on rail fares are even accessible for groups of more than ten.

Eurostar services provide fast check in and a short trip between London and Paris or Brussels. Eurostar allows you to travel in high-speed comfort, with champagne, drinks, and food accessible at your seat in Leisure Pick and Business Premier Classes. Business Premier might be an ideal choice for corporate hospitality or company travel to general meetings, conferences and PR events.

Train travel is ideal in several methods being a corporate travel option, or even for corporate hospitality events. Comfortable rail travel is convenient and practical, and some train travel routes even provide wireless web entry and charging capabilities for laptop computers. Whilst train travel works well for shorter trips, it's also ideal for longer trips. Sleeper cars are accessible on some train routes, allowing for your comfortable night's sleep. Whilst train fares can be incredibly economical, first class seating in the UK and Europe will enable travellers an enjoyable and relaxing ride to their destination. Long distance train services are most apt to provide first class services. These may include additional comfortable seating, tables, upgraded décor, meal services and more.

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Introduction of Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport is located in Crawley, West Sussex 3 miles north of London's town center and 40km north of Brighton. Gatwick could be the second largest airport within the UK and the seventh busiest international airport within the world. It's also said to become the world's busiest single runway airport and it is worth mentioning that Gatwick is currently provided with stand-by runway that can be used as soon as the major runway is out of use.

Gatwick is owned and run by BAA; 1 on the largest transport corporations within the world which is also the owner and operator of six other UK. At produce you'll find 79 airlines running from two terminals of Gatwick providing flight services for 227 destinations. Gatwick's very first progress was a direct connection for passengers among the airport and the closest rail station. Building a covered pier within the terminal to aircraft stands was Gatwick's second remarkable innovation that was regarded as to become a regular characteristic on the airport.

In1932 Gatwick was sold to Mr F. Bezner the owner on the Redwing Business who was the manufacturer of the side-by-side two seater aircraft. He moved the Redwing Flying School in to join the Surrey Aero Club. In 1933 Morris Jackaman bought Gatwick for £13,500 and in 1934 produced Airports Limited. Jackaman secured the services of Marcel Desoutter as his business manager. They worked together in 1935 as soon as Airports Limited became public and 840,000 shares had been sold for 5s every after which they decided for Terminal construction.

A new railway station was opened at Gatwick in September 1935 and was very first operated by two Southern Railway trains an hour, on a Victoria to Brighton line. Hillman's Airways (the very first airline provided services out of Gatwick to Paris and Belfast) became in association with United Airways and Spartan Airways in 1935 to type Allied British Airways Limited.

In 1936 the world's very first circular terminal (Beehive) was opened in Gatwick. 1 remarkable issue was that there was a 130 yard long subway towards the train station to be able to offer convenience for your airport visitors so they could stay undercover during the time they left London Victoria until the boarding time. This building nonetheless exists outside the southern perimeter and recently it has been entirely renewed. The very first flight for passengers boarding from Gatwick to Paris was served in Might 1936; it price four weight for single tickets and 5 weight and 5 shillings, including the very first class train fare from Victoria.

Between 1939 and 1945 (During the Second Globe War), the airport was requisitioned by the Air Ministry for use by the RAF (Royal Air Force), its area was later long by more requisitioning to include component of Gatwick Racecourse. However, Gatwick was returned to civil use in 1946 it was nonetheless mainly a grass airfield. Right after several many years in 1952 the Government gave approval for your proposed development of Gatwick as an choice to Heathrow.

Furthermore, in 1988 Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh officially opened the North Terminal costing 200 million pounds.

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Places to Enjoy Holidays in Birmingham

Traveling to Birmingham, but unsure where to visit? Well here's a list of attractions that one might want to go travel.

Star City - It is a family members leisure and entertainment centre located just 10 minutes drive from Birmingham city centre and also a perfect place in your day out in your family. The primary attractions of Star City are the 22 lane bowling alley, England's largest indoor adventure golf complex, Circus casino, Five A side soccer centre and twin peaks family members climbing center.

Birmingham Back to Back - This really is also referred to as Court 15, is situated at 50-54 Inge Street and 55-63 Hurst Street. They are the last surviving court of back-to-back houses in Birmingham. These houses were made in 19th century in Birmingham, literally back-to-back close to courtyard for ones quickly increasing population in Birmingham but in early 1970 practically all of the back-to-back houses were demolished and also the occupants were moved to new council flats. Later on back-to-back houses were restored by Birmingham city council and in 2004 it was opened for public.

Bull Ring - It's probably the most well liked shopping mall in Birmingham and its history goes back as far as 12th century. In 1166 AD, Peter de Birmingham, a local landowner was granted to preserve a industry in his castle, which in time referred to as Bull Ring and thus transforming it from a village to a industry town.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - It very first opened its gate close to 125 years ago beneath the clock tower on Chamberlain Square. Since 1886 this museum contains large collection paintings from 14th to 20th century which includes Pre-Raphaelite paintings and paintings from Victorian artists. You possibly can also find paintings of famous painters like Edward Burne-Jones, Canaleto, Lowry, Gainsborough and numerous others.

Menzies Strathalla - It's located just 7 minutes drive from Birmingham city centre, other attractions like Bullring shopping mall, Perrott's Folly, Birmingham Peace Pagoda, and Birmingham Botanical Gardens are also nearby. All the bedrooms are contemporary decorated with contemporary facilities and en-suite rooms.

Museum Of Jewellery Quarter - It's a museum located in Vyse Street, Birmingham. Smith & Pepper jewellery Manufacturing Corporation have been doing jewellery for ones past 80 years and in 1981, decided to retire from the business. They ceased trading and closed the door of their workshop and left their tools scattered on benches, grubby overalls have been left hung over a coat hooks and dirty teacups have been left in addition to jars and jam over a self.

The Arcadian - It's an entertainment venue plus a perfect place for night out. In the Arcadian you will discover a big quantity of bars, restaurants and clubs. The Arcadian is located around attractive piazza and an idle place to relax within your friends.

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