Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grand Beauty of Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is a beautiful port town on the Aegean cost of Turkey. The town has a wonderful harbour, which most inhabitants made their living from, by boat building, fishing and agriculture. Over the past few years however, more and more tourists are targeting Bodrum as their holiday resort, which is understandable as this town has everything a holidaymaker could want.

The harbour is where the town comes to life. The narrow streets that surround the harbour are full of bars and restaurants and quaint little shops, and are only for pedestrians, which will make you feel safer. The streets are filled with skilled artisans who can make you a pair of unique leather sandals to your acquired taste. There is also a fabulous range of onyx, copper and brass that act as a great souvenir of your time in Bodrum. At night, the town comes alive. Enjoy the laser shows that light up the sky with neon lights, with dance music to get that emphatic effect. Enjoy dining and drinking in the town's cosmopolitan variety of restaurants and bars.

The surrounding area of Bodrum is equally as beautiful and fascinating. Close to Bodrum is Icmeler, the location of Europe's largest wooden boat-building yard. Boats have been built here for famous rulers since 300BC, so it is worth visiting this site to absorb some of the culture and history that Turkey has to offer. There are also many beautiful towns and villages surrounding Bodrum, all with amazing features and characteristics.

Knights Hospitaller built The Bodrum Castle in 1402. As you visit this castle you will notice how impressive it is. This castle is easily recognized as a major landmark in the city of Bodrum. Today you will be able to visit this castle turned museum where you will be able to see many historic artifacts, which have been recovered, from under the ocean. This museum that you can visit in Bodrum is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

While the artifacts found in the museum are impressive the castle itself if one of the best preserved monuments in the world which dates back to the medieval times. The views that you will get from this castle are quite spectacular as well. From the castle of Bodrum you may wish to see about visiting the Windmills of Bodrum. These windmills are considered to be one of the many fabulous places to visit while you are in the city. The windmills, which are made from stone, have been lined with planks.

For the interested visitor to the city of Bodrum you will find there are numerous places of interest for you to visit. The next time you are planning on coming to Turkey make sure that you list the city of Bodrum as a must come destination and see for yourself the many exciting places of attraction that you can find here.

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